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Canyon Creek Country Club

Country Club Lifeguard

I am a lifeguard for the Canyon Creek Country Club, located in Richardson, TX. Employed under ClubCorp, Inc. I am responsible for maintaining pool safety and ensuring that all members and guests of the club are safe. As a lifeguard, I also make sure that all members are satisfied with any requests they have, as well as making sure the pool area is clean and up to our satisfactory expectations.

Canyon Creek Country Club is a member of the ClubCorp Family. More information about Canyon Creek Country Club can be found on their site:

Club Events and Movie Nights

Being a part of the staff at Canyon Creek is a blast. We hold fun events throughout the Summer to entertain our guests, such as movie nights – where our staff get to dress up for the movie we watch!

Red Cross Lifeguard Certified

I am a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard, therefore I am certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED use.

Private Lifeguarding Services

Needing a lifeguard for your pool party or a private event! You can hire me in the Richardson/Dallas, TX area! Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will get back to you shortly. If you’re a corporation or company interested in hiring, feel free to still send me an email and I will be in touch.

Price: $25-15/hr depending on event size.

Pssst… I also do swim instructing and swim coaching!