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Club Fortnite

About The Club

I founded and started the video game club known as Club Fortnite at the J.J. Pearce High School. I originally created a Discord Server for my friends and I to play the popular Battle Royal Game, Fortnite, with and later decided to open it up to other people at our school.

The goal of the club is pretty simple: find some friends (and even new students) at the school to squad up and play Fortnite with.

We have over 50 members in our Discord Server:

Interested in joining? Simply scan the poster to the left or click the link above and say hi!

I created the poster to the left for the club’s “branding”. I created the design with some artwork of Fortnite and made sure all text/content was visible and easily readable. I even added a QR-Code as those are easy to scan in the hallways.

This was put up around the school for students to find out about the club and join the Discord!

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